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Client Testimonials

"I began going to see Kasia for my skin after graduating college for my acne and clogged pores. The stress from school had really taken a toll on my skin and I felt it looked clogged and dull. My skin is vey oily, and I had seen several estheticians before, but I never made a habit of seeing someone regularly because I didn’t feel/see a difference to my skin post-treatment, except to my bank account. I finally decided to see Kasia after I heard of her expertise and treatment method, and I have been going to see her ever since. She’s not afraid of really working on your skin and she won’t rest until she’s removed all my blackheads (there’s a lot of them). Kasia also gives great facial and jaw massage, leaving my face feeling and looking silky smooth and refreshed. She also has great understanding of different skin types and products to use at home. Today, I’m very confident about my skin. Before I wouldn’t dare to leave my house without a full-coverage foundation, but today I rarely use it, and its all due to Kasia. I have referred my friends to her, and I’ve never met a person who doesn’t simply adore her. I would highly recommend Kasia to anyone looking for a facial treatment no matter your skin type".  – Ms. Sorsdahl

"I have been going to Kasia for my facial treatment for the last five years, and have always been more than satisfied with her work. I have sensitive skin that breaks out easily under stress. Kasia's Deep Pore facial has been working well to help clear out all my stress pimples and restore the healthy skin I want to have. I also love the natural skincare products that she carries, especially the spot treatment solution. They work wonder on my skin. Would highly recommend her service to anyone!" - Ms. Dinh, 5 year client