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Our Goal & Commitment to You

At Customized Skincare Spa our goal is to have you look and feel your best. Our commitment is to your personal comfort and well being. Bringing in our knowledge and years of experience we are certain we can help you achieve your best look.

I had extremely bad skin until I met Kasia. I was always be breaking out on my T-zone and jawline, a ton of clogged pores, and even some acne scarring from my teenage years. Now, after seeing her consistently, not only does my skin look the best it has in over 15 years, she also treated and educated me on how my dairy allergy was affecting my skin. I still get compliments about how fantastic my skin looks now compared to before. And some people who only have recently met me think my skin looks fantastic and never would have known. I swear by her knowledge and expertise. Highly recommend!
— 6 Year Client


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